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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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25 October 2008 | HariKantin SKWJ
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So, yesterday night I went to sleepover at Cik Yati's house. But before we arrived at Cik Yati's, we went to Atoks house and nicked some of his keropok ubi. :P
At Cik Yati's we watched The Game Plan until quater to 2 I think. Then I slept.

Woke up the next morning, went to mandi and off to Ampang Puteri. Theres an event. So arrived, ate breakfast and lepak2 main computer in Kak Lang's office. hehe.

And then, OFF TO SKWJ! It wasn't planned but suddenly we got there... don't know how.
Then sampai2 I went and search for Alya Inarah and nampak dorang so I was like "Tak ingat dah ke?" and all of them was like "AAAASSSSMMMMAAAA!" hee. Then lepak2 ngan shamimi then they had to go home. Salam-ed Pn Sharifah. Then salam-ed Pn RusAsma. And she was like 'Kamu semakin gemok' and I was like terima kasih. But dalam hati cam "damnn, I gotta exercise" HAHA.

Then went out of the gate and jumpe JULIANN! mann, I MISS JULIAN and HE GOTTEN TALLER. Oh, and jumpe Erricko and Izyan. Then NUR AQILLA LAILY datang and she was moody. I can tell. Mesti gadoh ngan mich. Anyway, then i went home.

PROJECT M! haha. Then I went to sleep. Then Papa and Mami came then off to KLCC. On the way my sister was like "Fuzah malu sebab tadi Azam ada," and I was like -.-'.
Dude.... -.-'

At KLCC, first shop I went to was STUDIO R. Then NIKE. GOT MY SHOESSS. YEAYYY MEEE!!! Afterthat went to search for my NIKON D80, but it was darn expensive. So I went to eat.

Then Parkson, after that to Ancorp Mall. For my D80. Sampai2 kedai tutup so like SHITT. Have to wait for tomorrow. Oh yeahh, and my dad got us each a house phone so he doesn't have to shout everytime it's dinner time and etc. Needa Shower. Haven't showered.
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