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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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21 October 2008 | Hey, I'm a clown
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I have a red nose!

Let see where i should startt.
Got it, we'll start in VENEZUELA.

So, It started to rain heavily. Fikri went out of the class to mess about while all the guys in the class were locking the door. Fikri then knocked the door like MAD but instead of someone helping him everyone was laughing their ass off to Venezuela. But that laugh died off when our maths teacher was spoiling everyone's fun by opening the doors.


Ouh and yesterday yeahh, Aliah tak habis-habis dengan T1. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Obssesed? Haha. "Apa lah nak jadi?"


Q and me were chatting using the calc. The scientific calc. Aliah's calc. Because, my mouth been zipped, how sad. Aliah's calc was really cool, you enter stuff and you can get all the letters you want. Cool INNIT?!

After thattt,

We played 'BADUT'. We as in Q, FDee and me. It was proper fun. We got told off for laughing like twice. I HAVE RIGHTS TO LAUGH! Anyway, once, Q slapped me and my cheeks went all warm. Seriously! It didn't hurt but I can feel it boiling. I kept winning and I always get to do the nose thing and they got all 'denki' because of that. So, they were like "Lets hit Asma very hard and we hit each other slowly." Urghh. Yeah, and that is what they did but only like four times because the rest of the time, I won! :P


The bell rang and I walked down to the gate with Q. At the gate something that made me cry happened. Fine, I didn't cry but tears was rolling. Q asked Hana to grab my hand then Q pinched my nose LIKE CRAZY! MANN, IT KILLLLSSSSS!!!! Yeah, and tears did come because it KILLSSS!!! I stopped being a clown around 10, that was when the redness came down, ehh?

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