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07 October 2008 | I forgot.
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Birthday doesn't seem much these days.
'Coz we're already so-called-old.
Is 13 old? Narh, don't think so.

So, today at school.
Budak2 1B, perempuan semua wish Happy Birthday.
And Q gave me a Birthday Card, THANKS Q!

And then i came back from school.
And then went to Manhattan Fish Markets.
The stuff came quick.
So yeahh.
Then my brownie came.
And my brother cam ambik.
Now, today seems like it's his birthday.
WTH is his problem?
Damn pissed.

Then baru tadi, switched on the comp, and agak my comments was all 'Happy Birthday'

So there, im real pissed with my bro.
and now, i got a head ache and feel like puking.
But the puke won't come out.
Ill? narhh.
Asma's never Ill. seriously.

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