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09 October 2008 | News travels fast.
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started the day with waking up.
I should have started it with 'Alhamdullilah or Thank God' 'coz god let me continue my life. (does it make sense? coz its not making sense to me)
Anyway, school.
School was Stupid todayy.
Especially with those RUDE and DESPERATE people.
No offence, but seriously.

I went to school, and then went up to Q, and then nak pegi beratur.
But it started spitting. So then we had to go to the canteen and wait for the bell.
Then i went upstairs, and cikgu KH asked me to put her book on her table.
So i did, then on the way to class. terserempak with who ahh? lupe.. :P
Then masuk class. And teacher wasn't there.
and then teacher dtg, and started to marah.
oo. Menakutkan..
then i gave out my invitations for the open house and someone seemed so DESPERATE.
and again, no offence, but seriously.

After that, it was geo. Geo, cikgu terangkan pebendetah.
Then it was science.
So pegi makmal. then went to pray.
Then pegi blek makmal.
Then on the way back, theres like this tali that they tied to the post for PMR thingy.
And ustaz amin was like 'Kalau kambing nampak bende ni, pun dia tak nak masuk'
and then a guy came a long and said 'janganlah jadi kambing'
not to me though.
To someone else.

And rehat, i drank.
Then merayau.
Then naik kelas.
Lepak outside.
And nampak bende tu.
yang dulu2 aku penah cite.
And then masuk lah dalam.
Tak lah lari. aku dah kurang takut dengan 'it'.
anyway.. then masuk class. and it was...
i forgot. oh yeah. AGAMA.

So, bile dah masuk class.
Wak came up to me and said 'asma, bile kau nye open house'
see, news travel quick.
So i gave him the invitation, lah.
And yeah, i wanted to invite him.
Well, i didn't want to but i don't mind, really.

Then it was agama.
Afterthat was Sej.
Sej, buat latihan.
Then i went up to pray
And then nampak cikgu abu zarin and 'the gang'.
Cikgu abu zarin, keeps going to pray with his 'gang' at surau perempuan.
And before they pray, he gives a tazkirah.
The baru dorang sembahyang.
and when i say his 'gang', i mean as budak2 lain yang selalu ikut die around.
I mean, so called 'best friend' cikgu abu zarin ar en.
Then turun, BM.

Bm, kene salin.
And someone KURANG AJAR sikit enn.
Tak, aku tak malu, tapi agak2 arr.
Sexual harrasment.

PJ and PK, me and Q pegi round sekolah.
Narhh, just kidding.
Well, me and Q macam 'acted like a kid'
and it was stupack. I mean seriously.
Anyway, then on the way to hantar pass solat.
I was like 'tak boleh bla gile'
and die kte, boleh.
and i was like tak boleh.
and suddenly, some guy that sits on the 2nd row next to the tingkap said 'ehh diam lah'
so me and Q was like laughing like hell.

Then bladibladibla.
Ohh, mase balik, it rained.
Cam best, main hujan enn.
Acting all crazy.
Then keluar, searched for my dad, but he wasn't there.
so pegi balik kat Q, then nmpk triton.
So like salam *the arif way*.
thats it.

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