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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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12 October 2008 | Nurul Nazihah. =D
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So inda morn i woke up, seeing a new day ahead.
I got ready with my 'baju kurung' and off we went for breakfast.
I swear, that place's 'roti boom' ain't nice.
Anyway, then we went off to Wak Mon's.

Arrived and 'salam2'.
Then 'doa' and 'marhaban' for Baby D.
Then 'cukur jambul' whatever you call it.
After that EAT!!!
Before i went to get my food i saw EZA!
Miss her like hell.
Surprisingly, she's Wak Mon's neighbour.
Haha. Then Wak Umi came. So me and Hakim was like WAK UMI!!!
and Abg Afiq brought his friend and his friend is like SO DAMN TALL!!!
He had to kinda 'shortened' himself when he wanted to get in.
So i was like ''Abg Afiq pendek,'' then he asked ''knape pulak?" then I said "sebab dia!" while pointing to his friend. Then his friend started laughing.
Abg Afiq's friend is like so weird. He keeps laughing (silently) and smiling.
Seriously, he won't stop. Anyway, then Aqilla started tickling Hakim.
Don't know why. *Shrugs*
After that, we went to our so-called-ex-house.
And got all our stuff.
And i found my box! Well, Hakim did.
Ouh. Then we found mami's thingy majique.
Then off to Giant.
At Giant, i went down to 7E with my bro to get slurpee.
But saddenly, there's none. STUPID 7E. Wanna make a customer report! HUAHAH.
So, i went to giant.
And ran around. Fine, i didn't run around. I was being a good litewl giwl.

Then went home and did the kuih stuff.
Then Papa's Radio Amateur friends came.
After that, my dad got a call from Uncle Salleh.
And they were QSO-ing about directions.

they arrived.
Nurul went to pray.
Then off to the park.
Then came back.
'Hanged' out in my sis' bedroom.
Then went for lasagne.
Then went up.
Started becoming crazyy.
You know me. :P
Then sadly they had to go.
Ouh. THANKS AUNTIE for the birthday 'present'.

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