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11 October 2008 | Open Houses.
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Today. I went to 4 people's houses.
First one was at Bandar Country Homes.
We wanted to go to Munirah's but auntie shida went to the hospital.
But, they're sleeping over next week. YES BABYY!
Oh yeah, we went to my dad's friend's house.
It started to spit. Then the wind came.
And more rain. and finally there were thunder and lightning.

On the way back, went to send my brother.
Then went to send my mum.
Then went to get Syahirah.
Then went to get Aliah.
Huhu. We got lost for half an hour at Aliah's.
Then nampak Aliah tak pakai tudung *suprised* i thought she wore tudung.
Then she straight went in and got her tudung.

Then off to Hariz's.
On the way, we had to cross this flooded bit.
We went on the triton, so no worries.
Then there was this broken tree.
And we went under.
Then sampai lah rumah hariz.

Kat rumah hariz sume cam malu2 gile nak mampos.
And sampai kat situ sume orang cam diri tegak.
Then uncle came and said 'kawan hariz eh? masuk.masuk'
So masuk lah en. Then salam auntie.
Then air shaked hariz. Hariz amat pelik. -.-'
Ohh. And Aliah nampak cam dia nak nangis ohh.
Not gonna tell you bout that.
Then makan2.
After 1 hour (my dad marah) sume orang masuk kereta.
And guess what, JEHAN went with us aswell.
Haha. I don't know if my dad realized but i think he did.

Then we went to Marcella's. The pak cik guard was real rude. My dad was pissed.
Anyway, we got to her house and her bibik greeted us.
Then her dad was there. And he was just like watching us. Staring.
SCARY. Then he asked what's our name and stuff.
Then Auntie came down.
Then Marcella.
Auntie is superduper kind. Whats with me and superduper?
Anyway, then went to eat and drink. And thats when we realized MARCELLA GOT A POOL IN HER GARDEN but without water. She just got it.
It's COOOL!!!
Then Jehan ate like BANYAK GILE DODOL.
haha and the rest makan BANYAK GILE KEREPEK PISANG.
Then, naik atas and went to pray.
Soon the clock was ticking away and it was 6:30.
That was when we made a move.
But we went to her garden first. We went all silly.
Well, i did. SUPERDUPER jakun. Haha.
Then my dad datang. Salam auntie and duit raya.

Then pegi hantar Syahirah.
Then pegi hantar Aliah.
Then balik rumah.
Iron baju kurung.
Off to Muhsin's house.
I don't know who Muhsin is though.
But he's my mum's friend's son.
So what did we do?
Laughing. Mengutuk-ing. Eating. Drinking. Praying. Kicking. Fighting. Texting. and other stuff that I can't think of right now.

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