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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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10 October 2008 | PMR.
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I forgotten to wish Munirah and Kak Ash good luck.
But, they're clever, probably don't need luck from me.
ANYWAY, i'll be praying for you both. =D
And the others taking PMR too.

Look, i chatted with cikgu subhi.

marzuki ahmad: salam asma, ape khabar? cgu subhi nie
Asma Hamid: ermm. khabar baik
Asma Hamid: =D
Asma Hamid: cikgu?
marzuki ahmad: kamu dah pindah skola ek..
Asma Hamid: yeppp.
Asma Hamid: dah lama dahh
Asma Hamid: haha
marzuki ahmad: sampai hati tak gtau cgu hua..
Asma Hamid: haha
Asma Hamid: my last day was masa eza ngan salina pegi bilik UBK without me.
Asma Hamid: well.
Asma Hamid: dlu2 arr en
Asma Hamid: hehe
marzuki ahmad: sekarang sekolah kat mane
Asma Hamid: smk brp.
marzuki ahmad: brp tu mende
Asma Hamid: cikgu councelling kat skolah sni, mcm ckgu disiplin.
Asma Hamid: bukit rahman putra
marzuki ahmad: oic..
Asma Hamid: cikgu councelling kt sni, x hbes marah2. muka mcm nak mkn org
Asma Hamid: haha
marzuki ahmad: ye ker..best lah korang hehe
Asma Hamid: ve
Asma Hamid: best lah sgt*
marzuki ahmad: haha
Asma Hamid: patu kann.
Asma Hamid: guru disiplin skolah ni, gile garang
Asma Hamid: lebeh garang dr ketua and penelia petang
marzuki ahmad: nak buat macamane nasib korang la..
Asma Hamid: haha.
Asma Hamid: kesiann.
Asma Hamid:
Asma Hamid: tapi cikgu2 sume baik2.
Asma Hamid:
Asma Hamid: and kiteorg tak dpt hw.
Asma Hamid: hahaha. balik rumah main comp, tak de hw.
marzuki ahmad: baguslah..
Asma Hamid: I know, good 4 me.
marzuki ahmad: jadi budak baik yer
Asma Hamid: sentiasa.
marzuki ahmad: kem salam kat kakak ko jgak
Asma Hamid: haha
Asma Hamid: ok.

Kutuk2 cikgu sekolah SMK BRP kepada councilor SMKSect5.
what a good student i am.

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