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23 October 2008 | Purple?
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My nose is flippin' PURPLE!

I'm a Blueberry bak kata FDee. A'ah, my nose went purple but it doesn't hurt.

Anywayyy, Agama was alright. But I am real pissed with cikgu Hisham(or Hashim, whatever his name is) really pissed me off. It was Effin windy and i had to sit right at the front, right next to the door. So I closed the door or I'd be flying right down to Venezuela. Suddenly, after I closed the door he opened it. -.-' I closed the door about 5 times and he keeps opening it. I think he opened it on purpose. URGGHHH. Geram ohh. And when I didn't close the door, he wouldn't go out. And again URGHH. Oh yeahh, and yesterday, he gave us SOALAN BOCOR while we were doing our Pendidikan Islam.

Okay, REHAT. I had to spend my rehat in the surau, and why? Because MARCELLA, NADIA, SYAHIRAH and Aliah were spending a life time in the surau after they went our of the PI's exam. They spent like 20-30 minutes in there. Urghh. *PISSED*. After I prayed I went downstairs and suddenly loceng bunyi. MENYAKITKAN HATI BETUL!

When I went upstairs, Ustazah was there and I played 'BADUT' that's why my nose got purple.
Qamaryna main ganas sangat. Anyway, after that I did some of my BM (Ia ka?). Then played that slapping people's hand game. Funneh.

I wonder when Q will start 'memperhatikan' everything that is going on around her. I mean, she always blocks people! Seriously! Tatipu. She doesn't look at the back when she's reversing and she needs to be told that someone is behind her. -.-' If I weren't there, that guy's face might become RED and he might have smoke coming out of his ears 'coz Q wouldn't realize.

Oh. Marcella, Nadia, Syahirah and Aliah went to pray for 15 minutes with the excuse "ada ramai orang" But when I went, takde orang pon, well ada lahh but not ramai just 4 girls i think. And then I spent a long time betul-ing my tudung after i prayed and when I came down my table went white. 'Coz dorang main conteng2 guna kapur on our table and that is because we came down late. And we drawed on their table when they went to pray late. Oh and our excuse was "Kiteorg pergi baca Al-quran, lahh" then aliah asked "which juzuk?" and i was like "IDK, aku main baca je".

Then I went to hantar pas solat. I knocked at the door.
Cikgu: Masuklah
*Me and Q opened the door*
Cikgu: (showing a penumbuk) nampak ni? nampak ni? apa ni?
Me: Urmm, Penumbuk?
Cikgu: Sape suruh masuk?
Me: Cikgu lah, tadi cikgu bagi masuk.
Cikgu: (nods) Dah tengok dah apa yang cikgu bagi tadi?
Me: Belum, tak bawak buku Science.
Cikgu: Dah salin dah?
Me: Dah, Salin atas meja.
Cikgu: hah?
Me: Takde kertas tadi so tulis lah atas meja, en.
Me and Q: (Went out of the bilik disiplin)
Cikgu memang ANNOYING lahh.

I would like to say SORRRY to FDee. I never thought about the zoo-----. Oh, and in the class I was messing about, writing craps on the bored. I didn't know people would be watching. And Q admited that she's a BABOOON. Ahaha. It was kinda funny.

Finally, we kemased the class 'coz it was well messy. We went out at 20 to. And at the car park I was kneeling 'coz I had to copy the 'SOALAN BOCOR'. And I was looking like a WEIRD-o. But who cares, I am one.

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