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01 October 2008 | Raya Pertama
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It was great though it didn't even feel like raya.
Seriously man.
So yesterday first,
sampai rumah then lepak2. And then abg afiq came back from the barbers.
And i was like 'ye lahh, raya lambat lagi' and said something, i think it was shut up then he started to laugh. -.-'
Anyway after that mereka buka puasa makan raya nye makanan.
then they prayed. then that takbir raya thing.
then iron baju
after that, tido.
Anyway, lets talk about today.
So, woke up in the morning and salam and mintak maaf and stuff.
Then they went to Sembahyang Raya.
Then we, as in My family, Wak Umi, Wak Misrat's family.
Then we went to my mum's aunt's house.
And sadly i didn't get any duit raya. ='(
Wanna know why? Coz I'm already so-called-old.
Then we went to another one of my mum's aunt's house.
I got money. =D
And thats where we combined. We as in, our gerombolan before and Abg Afiq with Wak Achil's family.
And Abg Fikri dorve, i thought he can't drive.

Anyway, then we went to another of my mum's aunt's house but she wasn't there.
So we went to a nenek's house and thats where all the 'kecoh' begins.
Well, i went into the house and stuff.
Then that nenek was like besarnya anak kamu ni murni.
And my mum's like mestilah or somin like that.
So i was kinda pissed, so i was walking back to my seat buat muka pissed.
Ye lah2, lawak enn.
And then Arul jatuh tangga. He was like sliding on the stair's railing and at the end ade pasu.
So he hit that thing, fell then that pasu hit him. I was smsing Mich, so buat muka bodoh je lah.
Haha. And then i turned the engine of the car on. Then my dad was like, belum nak balik lagi lah.
So i turned it off.
Then walked into the house next door.
i just sat there and then hafiz gave me mini popias. =D
Haha. so i didn't have to ask for it. hehe

and then we went to mummy's aunt's house, a different one.
And then macam duduk2 lepak2.
and then abg afiq came and started kicking me. dude, what did i do to you?
And then everytime he passes me, he steps on my kaki. Tak sakit pun, but i didn't do anything wrong!!!
Then balik masuk kete.
And then on the way to the car A'an was like gemok, gemok.
Huhu, saya tidak terasa walaupun saya gemok. But then tengok belakang and he started smiling.
-.-' yeahh. he was calling me gemok. yelahh, aku gemookk.
and erm, dapat duit raya tak? dapat kot.

Then pegi another person's house.
And dapat duit.
Huhu, i got to admit, I DONT KNOW THEIR NAMES!

after that pegi rumah cik//wak//atok lohak.
And there were billions of people there.
fine, im exaggerating. But kinda banyak.
So when we came, they went home.
And there were a HELL lot of people to salam.
fine, tak banyak pon.
So after dorang pergi, ape lagi MAKAN!!!
So i got my food and stuff.

and everyone ate at the table.
and A'an happens to be in front of me.
AND SERIOUSLY, i can't eat!
dia tak habis2 cakap sentences with the word 'gemok' in.
Ejek lah hakim! hakim lagi gemok. :P
Anyway, then mami came and i was like 'mami! marah a'an he can't stop pissing me off'
so mami slapped him on the back. and i can tell, it didn't even hurt!!! -.-'
Anyway, then i went to get drinks. And i drank 2 cups of drinks.
and again A'an was like 'dah makan, pastu 2 cawan air pulak tu, astaghfirullahhalazim'
And again, i made my pissed off face then went to sit.
Then kak ika came.
so chatted to her for a bit.

Then balik to the house.
not my house, THE HOUSE.
and then bukak kain.
*Asma wears pants under her kain.*
Then pegi duduk2. Baru nak baring when ade kete.
So basically bangun lah balik.
and i went to sit on the chair.
And it was Wak Achil and them.
So then A'an, again went annoying me.
Then they balik-ed THANK GOD.

after that we baringed, then wak mon and abg hadi came.

Then kiteorg pegi rumah wak achil.
And mami wanted to rent a tent for open house.
so then, ade satu part to, we was talking about polystyrene stuff.
and i was like tak leh recycle sume, and then someone, its either a'an or adil, said Kalau nak, boleh lahh. So my sister was laughing. Lawak ka?

Anyway, then pegi rumah, my mum punya kawan.
And me, hafiz'rudin', athirah and hakim main kat luar.
main that Psst game. yang ade ular sume.
Then us 4 buat ade handshake.
Hehe, inspired by our little cousin, Arip.
And agak bestt. =D
Then mase dah masuk balik rumah, kiteorg nak pegi.
And salam2. Then duit raya. =D

Hehe, pastu, remember about the house yang kiteorg pergi tak ade orang tu?
Well, we went there, and ade orang.
So macam salam, makan keropok.
Then i lepaked kat luar.
Its like the entrance.
Kene naik tangga then ade cam chairs then baru rumah.
So i sat at one of those chairs and talked to my sister for a bit.
Then my dad came, so my sis went in.
And i was outside, on the chair SLEEPING.
weyhh, ngantok lahh. Hehe.

Then balik to the rumah kg.
and lepak jap, patu balik rumah sini.
And then tadi, we had McD.
=D Hehehe.

And now, im writing this.
So that was my raya.
And tomorrow, im going to Johor.
So i won't be meeting my beloved computer for another 4 days.
Anyway Selamat Hari Raya!
And gbye.

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