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07 October 2008 | Sebab fuzah takuuuuut.
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'Sebab fuzah takuuuut'
Brings back memoriess!!
So does this:

Well, 'sbb fuzah takuuuut'
was because,
Long time ago in Manchester my mum used to leave me and my brother staying at home by ourselves during the holidays.
My mum had to go to Uni and my dad had to go to work.
And i was actually scared because kids aren't allowed staying at home by themselves.
And we're categorized as kids.
And because of that, lots of things was going around in my brain.
I was like 'how about if the police came, papa and mami would be sent to jail'
and etc.
So, i was scared. And at one time a fire engine came and parked at the front.
Fire brigades connects with the police.
So, i was scared because the fireman might knock on the door and tell the police and stuff.
So i was like, switch off the tv!!!
and then my bro would ask me why, and i'll be like
'Sebab Fuzah Takkuuuuuutt'

Okay, 'The suite life of zack and cody'
Because, every holiday, as i said, my mum would go to uni and my dad would go to work.
So, we had to stay at home by ourselves.
So every morning, my dad wakes us up, then we go pray.
And we pray at 8. which is wayy past subuh.
Anyway, so after my dad and mum left.
Me and Kak Aisyah and Hakim takes turns to take the food upstairs.
Yes, we eat in our room. Hehe.
So, when all the food are ready to be eaten.
We would switch on the TV.
and what comes up?
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
So, every single day of the holidays, we would watch it.
And we never get tired of it.

Makes me wanna be 6 again and repeat my life.
6, the time i went to Manchester

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