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16 October 2008 | SOAKED!
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Why is the title 'SOAKED!'?

Well, today's awful. Fine it ain't. Started school with standing up in the canteen. The class we had to use was 2RK. It was a bit too small for us 1Bs' but who cares. Once in class, straight mengumpating. :P Joke. Once in class, straight 'memperhatikan' people. Then revising//studying then ignoring. New 151008's resolution; Do not talk to only-A-A-Q-knows 'til the day ends. Easy Peasy. Frankfurter wrapped in bread for break. After that, Agama. Tip; Make a blurred out face, she won't disturb you. KH was stupack like normal. Went to makmal, went out to pray then to send the pass. Everyone had to clean the makmal up while me and Q went messing about. On the way back, there were lightning then some 'slutty shriekes' Q and me started imitating. Haha. It was fun. Back to main question, why is the title 'SOAKED!'? Well, I WENT HOME SOAKED It was flippin' raining. As in raining like raining real heavily, with thunder and ligning every few seconds. My parent's picked me up late because of some stupack strawberry JAM. When my dad gone through the gates, he drove onto the pavement by accident and someone was like WOW!

Came back soaked. Need a bath in lush's love bomb. Oh pleasure. Fatty-bom-bom just pissed me off like hell. Oh, really need that bath. Desperate to get A's in End-Year-Test but here I am typing craps in my computer when no one would read. By the way, if you're reading, thanks for wasting your precious time reading these.


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