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14 October 2008 | SPOTCHECK and FREAKINGOUT!
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OMG! My dad now blocks the internet at night so, the internet can only be used in the morning.

Anyway, since the internet was blocked yesterday, i can't write yesterday's post in.
Meaning, I have to right it today.

*Pretend that this post was done on Monday.*

School was flipping boring today. I swear it was damn boring. Well, what did i do?
NOTHING!!! It's stupid. I repeat, stupid! Fine, it ain't but seriously, urghh.

Lemme start with 'what i did'

I went to school at 12.50pm and arrived at five to one. Qamaryna and Aliah were already there and they were talking about I'm-not-telling-you-what. Then Qamaryna didn't understand one of the part. So we went under the sun and i told her about it. Then CIK Fareetha went up on stage and told us which class to go in. We were in 5Sc1. Abang Acik's class I think. Too bad i don't know which table is his, if not u would have wrecked it.*evil laugh* Non of out teachers who had to teach us today came so we didn't learn which joins up to EVERYONE WAS SHOUTING THEIR HEADS OFF. Until suddenly, appeared Ustaz Amin telling us to shut up because of PMR. After that me and Qamaryna started crapping abbout ... what? I forgot. Just before the bell for break time rang, the guys all had to go to the canteen because there were people from some type of hari gel thingy came. Are hair gels even allowed in out school? Anyway, since the girls' place in the canteen was hogged by the guys, all the girls had to go around to get food. Then Aliah, Q and me had to sit at a different place and when i went to wash my hand, one of Nabil's pengawas friend went "ROCK!" and i was like "-.-"
Ouh and amongst that pengaws group I only know Nabil wait, i only know Nabil's name. After we finished all the food up we went to class. Once in class, Q and me started 'main surat about 'ZORO' and 'T1'. *pathetic* While we was doing that, the guys started cutting guys face from the newspaper and stuck it on hawties (I am not a lez!). Later on, i wrote a wicked (as in, sick which means cool and stuff) love letter 'as a guy'. I gave it to Q but she wouldn't give it back. SADDO! Then Acap Latif and Faris (either one) broke the chair. They started blaming each other.
After that scene, I went to pray with Q, after i finished, I looked over the wall and saw people lining up. So, apa lagi, I WAS RUNNING LIKE A MANIAC!
When I arriced at the parking lot I was expecting CIK Fareetha to call us and ask us where we've been but she didn't. THANK GOD. Ouh and surprisingly, SPOT CHECK! My nails were so long so i started FREAKING OUT unctil came SUPER-DODOL-LOVER-GIRL came to rescue with a ketip kuku. So, I cut my nails and when it was my turn, one of the pengawas (ain't telling you her name) asked me to cut my nails quicker. Haha. After I've cut my nails it was proper ugly. Tak rata langsong. Haha. Main potong je kan, so like what do you expect.

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