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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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31 October 2008 | Taa mann.
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Before yeahh,
When I was going up the stairs, Hariz was like, "ni tangga perempuan"
So, I was like, "can't you tell the difference?"
And then some guy went, "Dah ada 4 mata pun tak boleh nampak ke?"
And I was laughing then I went "betul, betul, betul."
But too bad i don't know who he is. Haha. It was funny.
Then, after rehat, Syafiq came into our class to bring Cikgu Abu Zarin's laptop. And instead of just dropping by, he actually stayed and even sat ON MY CHAIR. no respect huh? Jokee. He was telling stories about whaa? I can't remember. Oh yeahh, and i just knew that he's actually FDee's cousin. A talkative one. haha.
Thenn, in class masa seni. Cikgu Abu Zarin was being sooo .............

Cikgu: Aziah ke Ezieyn?
Asma: Huh?
Cikgu: Aziah ke Ezieyn?
Asma: *Shrugs*
Cikgu: (asks Farah) Aziah ke Ezieyn?
Farah: Aziah. *laughs her head off*
Cikgu: *flicking a ruler*
Ruler: Hey youu, stop flicking me. *landed under my chair*
Cikgu: *Stares at Asma.*
Asma: Nak saya ambik ke?
Cikgu: *Still staring*
Asma: Nak saya ambik ruler tu ke?
Cikgu: Tak payah, tak payah.
---started talking about jamuan pengawas---
Cikgu: Awak budak yang duduk dekat UK eh?
Asma: *nods*
Cikgu: Awak primary school dekat sana eh?
Asma: *nods*
Cikgu: Awak dapat banyak sijil tak?
Asma: Agak lahh.
Cikgu: Awak dapat sijil untuk swinning tak?
Asma: Huh?
Cikgu: Awak dapat sijil untuk swinning tak?
Asma: Ohh, dapat2.
Cikgu: *change subject*

Then masa balik, Izzat closed the gate at the tangga place so we can't go through soo...

A: OMG, dengki gile, kalah Faris
F: Haha, tapi Faris lebih dengki lahh.
A: Ohh, betul2.
F: I remembered when you embarrassed Faris in class.
A: I did? When?
F: Can't remember but you really embarrassed him.
A: Haha, he deserves it mann. Thats what he gets for being so dengki.

Ohh yeahh, now I remember what i did. It was about him being racist to Ranjini.
Sorry alright? Didn't mean to embarrass you but seriously, they have human rights aswell.
Malaysia is a country with 'berbilang kaum' hahaha.

Then I went home.

Oh yeahh, Q didn't talk to me today. Just a bit, as a you're-my-classmate type of way. Not as a you're-my-friend way. Don't mind really, my fault anyway, innit?


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