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24 October 2008 | Whoahh!
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The title ain't got nothing to do with the post.

So, BM? It wasn't easy but like I finished it right at the time kene hantar. But sempat check. Bahagian A;Ringkasan was about 'homeworks'. Bahagian B was about Muzik tradisional apentah. Bahagian C, I did the peribahasa 'Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga' 'coz that was the easiest one, kot. Bahagian D was latar tempat. My latar tempat: Di rumah Nazar, Di tepi sungai, Di Taman Perkuburan.

And then we had to pray at Break time AGAIN. and that's because cikgu Hisham was so-called-checking us to see if we read the topics that are gonna come out.

We went downstairs seeing Hana. And Q was like running up to her then Aliah followed Q. Pengikut setia, not like me. I was just walking. Then loceng bunyi, so we went upstairs. Then I read the science thingy like 3 times.

Science paper 2, was okayy. But ada yang 'confusing'. Like that baldi thingy. Fine, it's not a baldi, it's a kolam apentahh. Ada yang tulis 'water'. adakah water sumber tenaga??? I wrote hydro enerygy. And then that 'percentage' of air. Gile ohh! Didn't expect that to come up. so tak baca. URGHHH. *angry at myself*

Then I went to pray, hantar kertas awal 5 minute. Yes, indeed, indeed very weird. So we was making a hell lot of noise when we was walking to the surauu. NOOOOTTT. FDee started chatting so I was like SHHHHH and then FDee followed. Then Q. Taleh bla. Then we prayed. Patu turun, they already collected the papers. Then dalam class I 'threw' the pass solat at Q. Then Q threw it back to me and then cikgu went 'Apa ni baling2 pass solat? Dah lah mahal'. and i was laughing my ass to Venezuela mann, but dalam hatii. Kene control if not nanti kene marah pulak en. So then I asked Acap for the pass because I wanted to send it. And i wanted to send it because I don't like staying in class. Oh, So then Acap THREW the pass solat across the class and it went out. It went flying past cikgu. Nearly terkena. And then 'Maya' gave it back to me. After that I went to Acap 'coz he asked me to send a book. So then I took it. While I was there.
Cikgu: Ni tempat sapa? Kenapa gatal kaki sangat?
Me: Nak hantar bende ni.
Cikgu: Oh, pegi hantar cepat.
Me to Acap: Kat mana meja Cikgu??? (Cikgu sape? lupe nama)
Cikgu: Kat meja tu ada nama.
Me: *Pissed* Terima Kasih cikgu. -.-'

Haha. So then pergi lah nk hntr. And then masuk ke bilik guru. Hantar buku tu patu pegi bilik disiplin hantar pass. We hoped that we won't terserempak dengan Cikgu Hisham 'coz he is well annoying. NO OFFENCE. Then lalu the bilik guru again. Then suddenly loceng bunyi on our way up so lari lah enn. Then Q had to copy something so I just waited for her. Then I went down and into the car.


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