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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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10 November 2008 | 1Bestari's so-called-jamuan
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I arrived at school WITHOUT my buku teks or my baju sukan.
Papa parked the car at the front so I ran in to call Syahirah and them.
Then dorang angkat2. Lucky Q, she came the same time as me, kalau tak she'd have to bawak semua. So Syahirah, Marcella, Nadia and Aliah helped out. We went to bilik guru and put all the thingy there.
Then I went to class and played UNO, thanks to Kak Lang, I am no longer bored. =D
Then I went to play SPEED on the floor. Haha, we were sitting down on the floor, it was funny. We as in Q and me. I have proof, thanks to FDee, 'coz she took the pictures. Then some guy went "wah, smpai atas lantai?"
Then psng chicken dance, me and farah, apa lagi? dance lahh en.
Heee. Hariz bawak. =D
Then we had to ukur panjang and timbang berat. I'm 161.5cm. And I'm **kg. Gahahaha. Yes, I am tall. =D
After that I went to bilik guru nak ambik makanan. Then turun bawah, we booked the meja where Abby was sitting at. Kesian dia, kene halau. Then dah letak2, I went up to get money for ice and it took a hell of a long time to get the ice tapi tak pe, still dapat. Then semua orang makan, sedap2 ya makanan, tengok lah sapa yang potong bawang. :P

Asma: Eee, tak aci, Hariz dapat dating dengan cikgu. (Pn Suhana)
Hariz: Dah afiq amik tempat aku.

Everyone was mixing their drinks up. Haha, the colour, wow, disgusting. Hee. We had like 10 bottle of drinks and all of 'em are gone. The food I brought from home which were 1 periuk of pasta and 1 periuk of maggi goreng. Habes teruss. Thanks mami and thanks 1B!

TanYeeFeng: (finishing of my MUM's pasta)
Asma: Tan yee feng, habiskan2.
Faris: Weyh, tak baik paksa orang makan.
Asma: Dia yang nak makan en?

Faris tak hbes2 nak cari pasal ohhh!!! I flippin' feel like splattering a whip cream pie on his face.
Then kemas2.
After that sapu2, well obviously, i didn't sapu.
(Masa darjah 6, kene marah 2 kali sebab tak reti sapu)
Hahahaa. Then ada cake semua, so pegi lah offer cikgu.

Asma: Teacher2, try this.
MissJessica: Is it nice?
Asma: I don't know.
MissJessica: Have you tasted it?
Asma: Nope.
MissJessica: No thank you then, if you haven't tasted it, I won't taste it.
Syahirah: Teacher, its nice lah!
MissJessica:(shakes head) no thank you

Then naik atas and jalan2 cari cikgu, masuk 1D, ada cikgu Abu Zarin, the most sarcastic teacher you'll ever meet. And offer dia, and then he ate it. Then offer to Ustaz Amin, but he said he was full. Then offered it to Syed and that guy, idk his name. Jalan2 sampai hujung and tade cikgu. But Syed and that other guy ada, so bagi dorang lagi. And I haven't tasted it so I ate it. Then Fitri turun tangga and we offered him, but he didn't want any so then jalan sampai class.

Ustazah ada and we had to do that kadar nadi thingy. So we did, my pulse was 61/1min after i so-called-jog for 3 minutes. Thats an A right? A for just that kadar nadi thingy lah.

Then I went to pray, patu keluar, sampai bawah budak 1C and 1E had to sit outside coz they had no teachers, so amik lah gmbr. =P

Then we ate our chocolate brownie, the one Haziq brought in. Sedap ohh. And after that we started drawing on our spoon. Huahaha. Then Gab shoot some photos.

Then Pn Rosnah masuk with Nabil and I had to sign this thingy. So I did, and when i saw Nabil i gave him a look. =P then pn rosnah was like smiling. Idk why.

Then I went to hantar pass, and mase masuk dalam bilik disiplin.

Cikgu: Eh awak dapat 50
Asma: Biar betul cikgu?
Cikgu: Betul lah.
Asma: 50% ke?
Cikgu: (Angguk) awak punya paper two rendah.
Asma: Cikgu, nak tengok kertas.
Cikgu: (hand the papers) nah, cari.
Asma: (Looks at my paper) Cikgu!! Dosa tipu, mati seksa.
FDee: Tipu dosa mati seksa lahh.
Asma: Haha.
Cikgu: *smirks*

For ujian 2, cikgu did the same, but for Ujian 2, I was gonna cry, but for this one, i just gelabah-ed.
Masalah betullah cikgu ni.

Then turun bawah, I was kinda late for perhimpunan but oh well. :P
Then nyanyi2 and all. Syed killed the song.
Mase duduk Ustaz Amin said that some guy was dancing masa nyanyi lagu.
Haha lawak.
The on the way home farah gave me my camera back, Thanks for hiding it. mana tau ade suprise spot check. Then beli ice cream then balik rumahh.

And now I'm trying to upload the pictures that were taken during my visit to the zoo but its taking a hell of a long time. So lain kali je lah, maybe tomorrow.

And I'm real pissed off with my hands and technique because the pictures from the D80 really sucks. Its not sharp. Aaa, Asma, practicepracticepractice (my mum suruh).

Eh-done. Better cari those buku teks.

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