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26 November 2008 | Abandoned Computer
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Today, I didn't switch on my computer. First time I didn't switch on my computer this holiday. Tee Hee. But tonight I will, ouh, it's already 9, which means dah malam. Lemme edit that sentence, but when I go upstairs I will. Theryar, much better. Anyway, I spent the whole day today downstairs with my dad's Lenovo on my lap. Hee.

Now, I hog my dad's Lenovo. He lets me use it so like, yeahh. Anyway, this morning after breakfast, I fell asleep, ngantok sihh. Then when I woke up, I watched Death Trance with my sister. It was proper funny and a bit scary and a bit creepy and a bit disgusting. Imagine going into the forest at midday and the forest was covered with white cloth with blood stains on them. And you see vampires wearing ragged black robes with white faces and blood on their teeth. Heehee. It was in that movie. Then, imagine music like those heroic 'jengjengjeng' and a guy holding a sword with the cover on the sword. Then the guy is trying to be heroic but then he can't take the sword out of its case. Then imagine hearing two girls laughing their asses off on the couch. Haha. Yeahh.

I just read N.Farhana's blog and it had this on it
and people !
i want to read your blog.
but there's too many people.
and you kind of update your blog a lot.
kinda like me.
i know now that it's irritating and i won't update my blog much.

haha, no, I'm not offended that's why I'm gonna continue blogging. Tee Hee. Oh and before at around 4:30, my dad went to get my mum and at that time I haven't finish my history yet.

Narrator: This scene is situated outside Papa's office before praying.
Asma: Papa, nanti at the motorway drive slow tau.
Papa: Huh, why?
Asma: Hehe. (Points at Sejarah)
Papa: *laughs*

Narrator: This scene is situated near the entrance of the house after praying.
Papa: Haha, Fuzah dah takut. Fuzah dah takut.
Asma: Mana ada.
KAisyah: Haha, Adik dah takut. Adik dah takut.
Asma: Mana ada, mami can't do anything if I didn't do my Sejarah.
KAisyah: Haha, yes she can. Adik dah takut, Adik dah takut.

Okayy, but at the end i was able to complete it. So there. :P


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