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07 November 2008 | Ain't got 'ny feelings.
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Everyone's been saying that they're gonna cry because its the end of Form 1 and all those craps.
And NF said that she's not looking forward to Form 2.

Hmm. The last week of school doesn't effect me but i think if i was in SMK Sect 5, it would of.
Probably because i haven't been in this school for a long time and I just realized that i haven't stayed in the same school for the whole year since i came back from Manchester.
I've got to say, I've always been the 'new kid', around. Unfortunately I'm not those types of 'masuk kandang lembu mengemoo, masuk kandang sheep mengebek'. So no, I don't like it. When you're the new kid you're the only one that's lost and you're the only one that gets left behind and once I got used to the school, i had to move.

Oh yes, the last day of school doesn't make me sad or stuff like that because it's not like we'll never see our friends again. Unless they die move. Which I don't think anyone will. Well, I hope no one will. And the classes next year, i hope i get the same class mates with some additions and subtractions. =P It doesn't make sense.

Wait, I thought about it and I do think that I'm going to be sad, just a bit. Because we (as in my friends) might not go in the same class next year and we probably won't have the same teacher.
But i got to say, signing T-shirts and those Biography books are just over the top. Kalau form 3//form 5//form 2 tu tak pe lah. Because form 3, PMR and they might move. Form 5, SPM and then they're off to uni//work. Form 2 because form 2 is in Sesi petang and form 3 is pagi. And yeah, but form 1 nak buat? Over the top? (No offence to the people who are doing it)

I miss Year 6s' last days of school. It was freaking fun.
Uno 24/7. Uno fall 24/7. Oh, memories.
Laughing, falling of the chair.
Standing on tables. Haha. NO TEACHERS.
When we were loud, no one told us to shut up.
Going in and out of class. Go to other people's class.
Aaaaa. MEMORIES. Oh yeah, and I still remember when Bat and Farah kene marah.
Tu lahh, tulis bende lucah lagi, but they were actually lucky, because dorang kene dengan Pn RusAsma who is the Guru Disiplin but the baik type.
Oh yeah, I remember the guys doing break dancing on the floor. Their baju sekolah gila kotor, dah lah masa tu the floor was wet. and again, MEMORRRIIIEEESSS.
Party, Pizza and lots and lots more food.

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