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28 November 2008 | America
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Before in the car on the way back home from sending Mami, we (my dad, my sis and me) were discussing about Universities, MRSM and all.

So, after SPM I really don't want to be stranded in Malaysia, attend PLKN and I've always wanted to go to US. You're probably like, "You've been to UK, tak cukup ke?". Then I would answer, "no." As I said before, I don't want to be stranded in Malaysia, I don't want to go to Universities in Malaysia.

New life plan: MRSM -> US -> Work -> University in Malaysia -> UK -> Work

Okay, so that's what I'm planning to do in my life.

I've always been scared to go to boarding school, always have and I can't believe that I actually want to go. My dad said that I'll have more chance to go to US if I go to MRSM as I will be only competing with people from MARA. To get into MRSM, obviously, good grades are needed. Since I go to 'sekolah luar bandar' and my dad's an Anseri, it would be easier for me to go to MRSM. But still, I have to work really hard.

Yes, I've always wanted to go to America. Always have and always will. I really don't want to be stranded in Malaysia. I want to have a life. I'm not saying that people who are stranded in Malaysia doesn't have a life. But probably, to me, being at the same place is probably not having a life. No offense. My mum has a life, she went to US, then she came back to work for Esso, then she went to UIA, then she went to UK and now she's back in UIA. My dad has a life, he went to US, then he worked with lots of different companies, then he went to UK and now he's here, at home, freelancing. See what I mean, my parents has a life, I want a life too. I'm not actually sure on what to take but probably engineering or law. I've got to say, I don't even know what engineers do but I really want to be an engineer. But law, I never wanted to be a lawyer but my mum said I probably will become a successful lawyer and I think soon, my interest in law will increase, so yeahh.

University in Malaysia
I want to go to University in Malaysia after going to US is so I can go to UK. Tee hee. Yes, I want to be like my mum but I don't want to be a lecturer. So, yeahh.

Okayyy, that was my life plan. I think it would change but yeah, that's my life plan now. And i guess, thats what I'm going to work hard for.


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