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22 November 2008 | Dimwitty soggy cow shit
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Okay, that title has nothing to do with what i'm gonna type, today.

FYI, I am typing on my dad's lenovo and it is really annoying because the letters on the

keyboard are like squashed together. But I mean, its better than having to go upstairs, innit?

Today I woke up at 10 o'clock and right now its 11:37. Between 7 - 10 O'clock my brother called me and me, being a lazy-bum didn't pick it up. At 10, my dad woke me up saying that i have enough sleep which i think i still don't. Oh well, anyway, once my dad went downstairs i sms-ed my brother then i took a shower. And yes, right after I woke up, I straight took a shower, wow, amaziinggg. Haha. After i took my shower my brother called me and his intention was to annoy me. After being really pissed with my brother I continued reading my book until K.Aisyah came upstairs asking me to go downstairs and eat. So thats what i did. Then bladibladibla. And now I'm typing this out.

My dad just went off to Bukit Antarabangsa, probably to check it and thats the reason why I'm on his Lenovo because if he's at home i would never get a chance to even touch it. Haha.

Anyway, on Wednesday I think, K.Aisyah was washing the dishes then Ujai buzzed her. So me being a kind sister answered it and I ended up chatting with him. I can't believe he's already in University, I mean WOW. He's so old. I thought he's just in form 4 right now but no, he's already in universiy. Yeahh, wow. In Manchester, we wasn't that close, obviously, I was in year 4 when he left, kan? WOW, he's oldd. hahahahahhaa. I guess he's like 6/7 years older than me when i thought he was only like 3/4 years older than me. Oh sack it, why the hell am i writing all this anyway???


I hate you Lenovo, I guess now, the title does have to do with something at it has something to do with this netbook. And i love you blogger for having that autosave thing.


Okayyy, now, I think I will continue reading 'The Year of Secret Assignments' written by Jaclyn Moriarty which made my dad lose RM34.90. I bought another book titled 'The lost and found life' and it looks quite interesting but I read The Year of Secret Assignments first because it looks funny.

Okay, now my blog has reached up to 167 posts which means 33 more posts to go until bye2, absoluteloud-ness and hello asspain, hee. That might sound good yano, Asspain.blogspot.com . Haha, a bit rude but it sounds good. Or let see, cowshit.blogspot.com? asshits.blogspot.com? soggycowshit.blogspot.com? Narhh, I'm gonna do absolutely-shit.blogspot.com. Haha, seen how rude all of the url is? I actually want something that has the word absolute in. I mean, my previous url was absoluteweird-o until dotdotdot. Sapa makan cili terasa pedas, lah kan. And on my next blog I'm gonna un-active that blog on 31st December which means this blog has to be un-active on 31st December aswell, which means my posts might be more than 200 or less. And, next year, I'm gonna try blog every single day because i think on 2010, I wouldn't be able to blog every single day because of PMR. OMG, time flies so quick, quicker than the helicopter on top of my house right now. I mean, next year dah 2009, then PMR, after that 2011, then 2012 aka reunion? and SPM. Then I would probably be in university (hopefully) taking engineering or law(InsyaAllah) . Wow, time really flies quick. Okayyy, i already blogged for like half an hour and it feels like it has just been 5 minutes. See what I mean.

Now it's 12:10 so I better continue reading. =D


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