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09 November 2008 | Dinner
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Last night's dinner.

It was freaking fun.
We had to go to the private section because Kak Cat was with us.
And the waiter was like banging everything and i was like ''when the hell will he stop banging''.
dah lah muka dia blurr gile, sakit hati.
And then I was like eating something and everyone was staring at me, everyone as in everyone on our table. So then I went "stop staring at me, I want to eat peacefully" then Kak Cat just stared at me -.-' .
After that Kak Cat was asking all of us if we eat veggies and me being truthful, I said no. Then she started lecturing all of us about veggies. Then tried to make us eat 'em but we didn't. :P
Then we had dinner, It was nice. I like the rice. I think it was Japanese rice, the one you use to make sushi with.
And while eating everyone was laughing their asses off because of SOMEONE imitating other people. But when she imitated Kak Lang, real damn funny. I laughed myself off to Venezuela. Then I so-called-dared her to change her accent everytime she calls the waiter.
And once she went "don't angry me ahh" and because of that, everyone was shaking the whole JJ with their laugh. And again, everyone means everyone on our table.

And that was what we did at Dinner. Yeah, it's in details.
My post for what-I-did-today would be done tomorrow.
As I can't really remember what happened.
But today was PROPER fun!

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