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09 November 2008 | equal dee
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Today was fun.
Taska Shaz was having an open house.
And it got real busy.
I had to help Mak Zam with the jewelery selling.
We had a laugh. It was damn fun.
Then everyone went home and left us alone (not!)
Us as in Aisyah, Hakim, Syamim, Shad, Jazly and Me.
Then we ate browniess. =)
Danial's mum bought them.
The food was proper nice.

Then I walked home with KNor, Shad, Syamim and Jazly. We stopped by at the park and we played on the swing and it was funn. =D

Then after magrib, we went to JJ to eat. We went to eat at Johnny's and we were hidden at the back because of kak cat. Huhu, proper warm back there but privacy. Hee.
So while dinner, we had a laugh. Kak Cat can't stop imitating people and I swear it was proper funny. Mestilah kan, she is an actor.

After dinner, I went to MPH to get Uno. THANKS KAK LANG! =D. Then we went to get big apple. Then i went to pay. And, the money actually tak cukup 50 sen so kaisyah had to run down and give me the money. hee.

And then, here I am, doing this.
Having 6 eyes watching me type.

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