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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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18 November 2008 | Fresh Air.
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Yesterday, I followed my dad to pick my mum up. And finally, after 2 days, i gotten the FRESH AIR i desperately needed. After that I went to Giant and surprisingly, the cost of everything was RM200 more than usual. Haha, and my dad blamed it on me. -.-' Well, what can I do? Sushi stuff are already like RM45. Yeahh, just for seaweed, Japanese rice and crab sticks. Hahaa, what a rip off. In Manchester, it's cheaper. Wait, probably it's not, I mean, not if i converted it, innit?

Yesterday, I chatted to Naimi, I miss her. Haven't seen//chatted to her since I moved to Malaysia. Naimi said that she might come back next year. So like, YEAAYY! She also said Kitty died, awww. Kitty is a he without a willy. Haha. :P Anyway, we were talking about fun timess and all. About drinks? Well, just Irn-bru and LUCOZADE. I love lucozade. Aaaahhhh. Then we started talking about school. We talked about a hell lot of stuff. I chatted to her like for 2 hours. At 12:53 I logged out.

I finished "The Truth About Forever" by Sarah Dessen just then. The book is like, proper good. I want to but more of her books but I want TTYL, Love Letter and Upper Class as well. *sigh* Anyway, back to the book, it's proper good. Like PROPER GOOD but my sister said it's boring. I got to admit, the first bit is a bit boring but the rest ain't. Different people has different perspective.

Now, I have nothing to talk about except I just cleaned up my bed after 3 days of not cleaning it up. Hahaa. Yeah, these past 3 days, I left my bed how it was when i woke up.

I'm bored now, seriously. I want to go to the park, snap some stuff, but around 'ere there's no parks just playground. Papa, I want to go somewhere, titiwangsa?

Anyway, now, i'm stuck at home, without anything to do. I want a new book! I read all the books in this house (Except for Mami's books, the one talking 'bout kids and stuff) Haha. Oh yeah, I saw this book at MPH, it was called something like 'How to take care of your parents?' and then I said to my sister, if Papa//Mami saw us buying this, we're so dead. Hahaa.


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