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24 November 2008 | Have you seen...
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... a person called Akiramisaiyooriaido, Shagaligaladiloo's soon to be ex-boyfriend? Haha, stupid, I know. I wrote that on my "Who I'd Like To Meet" on my myspace.
Anyway, I'm doing this on my dad's lenovo. better go.

--I'm bahkk--

Okay, that was a stupid way of spelling 'back'.
Anyway, yesterday, in the car ...
Papa: Papa ingat sekolah kamu je yang teruk, tengok2 SMK**, sekolah Munirah lagi teruk.
Kaisyah&Me: Haha, duhh.
Papa: I guess, Seksyen 5 paling bagus.

Haha, theryar, Sect 5 paling bagus. =P

And, my mum said that I have to re-go-through//re-learn Sejarah Form 1 because I got a D for my end-of-year examination. Yeah, I know, TORTURE! But, I have to understand history for my PMR. How sad.
Anywayy, today I went to Tesco, yeahh. And then I came back home.
And "I'm a groing girl, I need my food," Hahaa. I keep saying that when I'm hungry.
Heee, anyway, right now I'm typing on my dad's Lenovo because I want to watch TV if yano what I mean. And I hope, I can watch Keith by tomorrow. Oh yeahhhhh.
Heeee. Kay, I don't know what to right. So like, dotdotdot.

I got to admit that the Cheetah Girls; Alternative Ending is not even and alternative ending. Its more of an ending extension. So they should call it Cheetah Girls; Extended Ending.


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