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05 November 2008 | History was flipping hard.
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Budak 1RK manalah yang pandai sangat tinggal paper sejarah in class?
Budak 1B manalah yang bodoh sangat (sorry) yang pegi kecoh2 sebab ada?
Haha, if i was him, i would have kept it.

Anyway, HISTORY was like flipping hard. Like FLIPPING FLIPPING lahh.
Sivic was a bit harder than i expected, but yeah, it wasn't to hard.

And, Jehan can't stop making fun of the way i speak.

Short post for today because ...
1) I have a headache 'coz i was spinning right round baby, right round like a record baby right roung, round, round myself before (thinking about it is making me have more headache).
2) I dropped my phone from my bed but now i found it.
3) Idk.Idk.Idk. Kh and Science probably?

And I can't wait for....
1) MERDEKA from the exams.
2) Outing with the [K]s? (not confirmed. urgh)
3)Jamuan. Jamuan. Jamuan.
4) Pictures.Pictures. Pictures.

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