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21 November 2008 | I seriously think...
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...that I should blog.
I didn't blog yesterday, i think and that is because dotdotdot.
Anyway, yesterday my dad bought a scooter, those motorbike scooter, whatever you call 'em.
And he said that he was expecting me to ride 'em. Bare in mind, I'm scared of riding 'em.
I would have said to my dad "dulu2 dah ada accident tu, tak cukup ke?"
But I'm not that rude so I'll just say it here. Hahaaa.
Oh and next year, you might see me walking home from school because seriously, I am not riding that thing. Sorry, Pa.

Next up is that, yesterday Munirah didn't come. WTH?
Bye2 sushi. :'(

Last night I went to Jusco Kepong. The Jusco looks neat from the outside but the inside, it's so disorganize. Ishk3. I ate at Shakey's Pizza and double ishk3. Those people, urghhh. I feel like killing 'em. Then I went to Popular, they have NOTHING in ther', NOTHING! Huhu, better off going to Giant, Haha.

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