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22 November 2008 | Is tired...
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We were talking about freaking lots of stuff and all of it just cracked me up.
I guess we haven't seen each other for a long freaking time.
And probably, soon, she'll be coming for a sleepover.
Yeah, dia tak jadi datang last Thursday.
But never mind, never mind. At least I had a chance to so-called-hangout with her before innit.
HAHA. They took the whole crap of me out.

Anyway, before, I found my iDog. It's so cute. Haha.
Rewind, rewind, rewind.

I was standing at the front of everybody in assembly with a lot of people that had 100 days attendance. As you can see, we had to stand up there because of the 100 Days thingy. So, Andy was giving all of us these goodie bags with badges and stuff in because we appeared as present in the register for 100 times in a row. Karen then came and said that the people who came into school for 100 days in a row will be included in this lucky draw. Up there, I wasn't actually interested in having this prize for the lucky draw. And me, being so-called-lucky was drawn out of the lucky draw box. And poof, I got my iDog. I actually wanted a speaker for my MP3 and guess what, i got it. ;) So, after that I came in class and Miss Batkin was there so what else, I went to show off my iDog, tee hee. Then she put the iDog inside the store room so no one can steal it.

Forward, Forward, Play.

And that was my story. =D
And now I wanna carry on reading so like bye.

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