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03 November 2008 | Maths. urgh
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Haha. Senang2 je cakap.
But seriously.
Maths was quiet easy except number 32 (i think) and 39.
Yang lain, agak senang.
So number 39 asked something like this
1. What is the volume of the increasement?
2. What is the volume after the increase?
Get the difference?
I read it more than 100 times (exxagarating).
But seriously. URGHH. sampai pening kepala.
Siap hentak2 lagi.

Oh and then, when i went to hantar faris was like "Asma, kenapa kau lambat siap?"
Kepala hotak kau aku lmbt siap. aku lg cpt dr kau kott (fine, maybe not) but yg bt aku lg lmbt dr kau is because soalan number 39 yg mcm Bab*toot*oon.
aku dh siap kau still tgh kire2. Yeah, i was hitting my head and all. But that was after i finished it and was checking the answers and trying to get it right. So yeahh.
Sorry for the harsh word but yeahh, it pisses me off.

Anyway, after that we were called down the stairs. Oh yeah and before i went down i was jumping up and down complaining about the maths questions but then bile nmpk cikgu kene control lah kan. Haha. So then, we went down and then we went to bengkel KH.
Ustaz: Kamu tahu tak mengapa cikgu mengutamakan perempuan?
Everyone: (makes blurred out faces)
Ustaz: Kerana perempuan lemah. Betul tak?
FDee: (whispering) tak betul, tak betul.
Asma: Laughs.
Ustaz: Kenapa dengan kamu semua ni? Ustaz cakap perempuan lemah, kamu duduk situ angguk je, kenapa tak bantah?
Cakap lah, PEREMPUAN KUAT, PEREMPUAN TAK LEMAH (dengan gaya tangan)
Asma: (smirking)
Ustaz: Siapa rasa perempuan kuat?
(Some people put their hands up)
Ustaz: Apa bukti kamu
Everyone: (blurred out face)
Ustaz: Hmm, kat mana lah lelaki nak duduk?
Someone: Kat atas lantai.
Ustaz: Kalau letak kat atas lantai, masalah pulak.
Everyone: (laughs)

Then, they guys came and set at the other part of the KH punya thingy.
Some of the guys had to sit in that used-to-be-a-kandang place.
Ustaz: (Walks up to the kandang punya door) Tutup pintu, nanti orang2 ni lari.
Everyone: (laughs)
Ustaz: Takpe, tunggu sekejap, nanti orang datang beli.
Everyone: (laughs like gile?)

Then Puan Cik Fareetha came ...
Cik Fareetha: Ha, cikgu nak check kuku semua orang. Pengawas semua bangun, pegi check. Tarik semua orang yang ada kuku panjang keluar. Ha, mana pengawas? Pengawas bangun, pegi check.
Pengawases: (stands up and check everyone's nails)
Nadia: Dah kene check kuku?
Asma: Kalau kau check, maknenye dh kene check 3 kali.
Nadia: Oh okayy, relaxx.
Some girl: (Keluar ke depan)
Cik Fareetha: (Hits that girl's head)
Syaza: I hate it when my head gets hit.
Asma: (Imitates Cik Fareetha's hit to Syaza without hitting her)
Syaza: (Does the same to Asma)
Asma and Syaza: (laughs)
Cik Fareetha: Perempuan, letak tangan atas meja.
Farah: Pretend she's your mum.
Asma: I bet, she'll ask us to beratur downstairs and hari2 kene check kuku and rambut.
Farah: And ada one whole collections of rulers.
Cik Fareetha: (after she checks) Oh bagus2.

Then, we was asked to leave. But theres like that small pagar innit?

Fitri to FDee: Ticket.
FDee: (Raba's her pocket) Takde lah.
Nabil: Tol, tol, bayar bayar.
FDee: (Raba's her pocket) Takde duit lah.
Afif: Haha. Touch-and-go, touch-and-go.
Asma: Smart tag lahh.

Then jalan to the pagar, then loceng bunyi.
Then keluar.

Jehan: Haha Badul.
Asma: Bukan Badul lahh, BADULT.
Jehan: Haha. Fine, Badult.

Papa came and...

Jehan: Bye Badul.
Asma: Bukan badul lah, badult. And bye Rich girl.

And then The End.
McD for dinner.
Just then i got told off for not revising.
I was lahh, i just need to blog.
If not, I'll forget.

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