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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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06 November 2008 | MERDEKAlah SMKBRP sesi petang, pada 6:30 petang ini.
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The title doesn't make sense, i know.
But you understand innit?

We are going to regain our independence (and unlimited internet connection) this afternoon at half past six.

At 6:30PM, Jom sama-sama jerit MERDEKA, nak?
Fine, I'm killing it.

Once exams are over, it means PARTY and FREEDOM for us all.
But sadly, there's still SPM so we'll probably have to :
"SHH! Peperiksaan sedang dijalankan"
But i hope we don't have to.

Then next week would be the last week of school.
And the last week of school means FUN, PARTY, LOUDNESS, FLASH and CLICKS in school.

UARGGHHH. I wanna still go to school. If not, I'll be stranded at home getting hypnotized by the computer. (Wait, I take that back. =D I don't want my parents sending me to Tuition. Nono.)

And, surely I'm going to miss shh-ing with FDee after 6:30 this afternoon.
But there's always 'Bisinglah, bisinglah'
Heehee. More annoyance from us. =D

And i also heard that our marks will be posted through the mail NOOOOO. If i get a C I'm so burning the whole paper. Wait, it's better for me to recycle, oh sack it.

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