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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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17 November 2008 | Oh noo.
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(OMG! Matt Ballinger!)

My obsession over Dream Street is coming back again. Papa! I really want a Dream Street poster in my room. PLEASEEE. I remembered long time ago(well, just after i left SMKWM), I actually cried because of Dream Street. I was actually scared that what happened to Dream Street will happen to me. But no one knew.

Thats why I LOVE MY BEDROOM. In Bukit Antarabangsa, I had to share my bedroom with my sister and ohh, painful. We were always fighting about the drawers and all those shitz. K.Aisyah loves to hog the drawers until and her clothes always ends up in my drawer. Now, i have my own room, my own wardrobe and everything MY OWN. Oh yeahh, long time ago I had to clean my bedroom up because K.Aisyah's always nagging me about how messy it is. Now, look at her bedroom, WORST THAN MINE! She has like a mountain of clothes and bags on the floor. Seriously, man!

I wish I could go back to SMKWM and stay at this house. Wait, that was the plan BUT somebody didn't let me. *stares at that somebody*

Arghh, DREAM STREET! I need their album! LIKE PUH-LEASEEE. I need (a) poster(s) of Dream Street, my bedroom, the wall, it's so bare. Actually, It has nothing on because I ain't bothered hanging those frames. Hahaa.

I found my gambar kelas from SKWJ, makes me remember those fun times (After UPSR) and those not-so-fun times (Before UPSR, when everyone was ganging up on me, bullying me).
Yeah, they were so mean but after UPSR we started getting along with each other so like, yeahh.

Nextt, I found this colourful spring thingy, it can 'walk' down the stairs but it can't on mine 'coz my stairs are like, thingy.

Last one. I found our family picture at Mami's graduation. AND EWWW, my face. You should see it. Eww, I ruined the picture. Papa and Hakim was like wearing a coat and everything, then came my face, it ruined the whole picture. My face was like multicoloured brown. As in, there were like, Light brown, dark brown, just brown.
Dark brown - scabs
Light brown - peeled scabs
Brown - my original skin
Yeahh, nasty, and all because of me doing stunts on Nurul's bike. I wanted to be a stunt girl in those days. NOTT. It was actually because I pressed the front wheel break and then POOM, i flipped and my face was squashed to the ground because of the force. And then came a lot of crying and BLOOD.

Eh-DONE with me crapping.

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