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25 November 2008 | Random facts.
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Okay, this post is full of useless facts that ain't important.

1. When I grow up I want to be an engineer or a lawyer or even a designer that doesn't know how to draw. NOT A REPORTER or A JOURNALIST!!! Heee.

2. Now, everytime I'm downstairs, I nick my dad's Lenovo S10 and blog on it. Haha. Like what I'm doing now.

3. I miss Kashif and Talha saying "You have to go to specsavers, man."

4. I miss Raydin saying "Cheese Kebabs!!!"

5. I miss Talha saying "Fat man scoop, you."

6. I really don't like art neither do I like the teacher. *coughcough*

7. I don't know what else to say so like I'm done.

8. So like, Eh-DONE.

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