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27 November 2008 | Robert Pattinson
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Robert Pattinson famously known by with the name Edward Cullen is sooooooo CUTE.
and HOT! and all those stuff.
But he only looks CUTE and HOT when he's a vampire, yano, white face and etc.
Yes, as you can tell, I watched Twilight today. =D
At 2:30PM.

OMG and the Cullens' house is like PROPER COOL! I wish I could live in there.

Oh yeah and I LOVE HIS HAIR! haha.

And I bet you're all like "I bet you didn't read the book."
And I proudly admit that I didn't.
Heehe but after watching this, obviously, I'm gonna read it.
Gonna read the full of twilight because on new moon I stopped at page 15 and I was lost.
And the reason is because twilight the movie wasn't complete. Oh sack it.

as in Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.
But Robert Pattinson as himself is not that hot.

And I got to say, Alif (Shadiera's brother) looks like him. =P

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