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04 November 2008 | Shhhh.
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"Shh" to everyone who passes the class.
"Gay" to everyone who ignored.

Yeahh, we were like "Shh" and if they didn't look we'll be like "Gayyyy."
We as in FDee and Me.
It was hilarious.

So then English was okay. Not too hard, wasn't too easy.
Seni was alright but as usual, DRAWING.
Do you know how i hate drawing? I know you don't but just fyi I hate it more than you.

Then breaktime.
On the way to the stairs, the bell ring and...

Me: (Finishing up my drink)
Some guy: Yang tu tak boleh bawak nak atas, kene habiskan dekat bawah.
Me: (Holding up my drink showing that I'm ignoring him)

Urghh, gile benci oh, it's not like dia cikgu and all. Suka hati aku lah en.
Then sampai atas, went to class and we were like little kids.
Calling trees, hairs and rain, tears. and stuff.
It was again, HILARIOUS.

Then Geo.
Geo was easy but a bit hard. A few of those questions came from the Sasbadi book.
And I've done it, so yeahh.
Then, FDee and myself went to send the pass solat to the bilik disiplin (my sukarela job these days). In the Bilik Displin this guy was like taking a hell of a long time just to put the pass in.
Oh then, on the way back up we was like "Shh" to everyone and ...

Fitri: Korang nampak tak cikgu abu zarin?
Fitri: (makes a pissed off face)
FDee and Me: (laughs)

thenn, while we were passing by 1D

Nabil: Farah, nak seringgit
FDee and Me: Shhh.
Nabil: elehh gemok.
Me: PENDEKK (Smirks)
Nabil: suara besar.

He actually gets real pissed when i call him pendek.
huahaha. I got to say, he is not actually pendek. hehe. but shorter than me, so shortie!

Then *trrriiinnggg*
So we all went back home.


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