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08 November 2008 | Sorry
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Faris, if you are reading this (which i don't think he does)
Well, I'm sorry. I mean, I didn't know that you would be so pissed off when I asked you that question. Alrighhhtt? I didn't know. I mean I weren't trying to rub it in your face or something I was just asking.


Yesterday yeahh, Aliah went looking through T1's fail peribadi. Shhh, don't tell anyone to the people who know who T1 is. Gahaha. But it was a quick scan, takut orang nampak. =P


And, yesterday, before rehat, I lepak-ed at the bilik disiplin. In SMK Sect 5, I lepak at the bilik UBK (Bimbingan Councelling). But over here, its at the bilik disiplin. Whoahhh.

Maths - 98% (A)
English - 81% (A)
Geography - 82% (A) I think, 80++ though.
PJK - 53% (C) Sah tak baca.

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