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23 November 2008 | Spray bottles.
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Woken up by the ring of the intercom at 7:30. Too early? Yes.
Went downstairs with a pissed off face and had to carry all the boxes up to the 3rd floor. After doing that, folded the clothes and at 8:20, went to shower myself. Went for breakfast at Ali Maju, the place where they have the best roti bom ever. Then went to my old house to check on it and let Auntie Marissa(Danial's mum) have a look around. The off to Mak Zam's. Then I had a little nap in the car until my dad woke me up asking me to program his GPS.
Entered Munawarah and it SUCKSS! Take that and rub it in your face, munawarah!
Went home and made a U-turn for McDonalds. McD don't make you full, seriously. It just adds fat to you and gives you no benefit, that's why i eat 'em. =D
Came back home, finished reading my book. The year of secret assignments, i got to say, it ain't that interesting. I mean not for teens. Its more of those adventure books. So basically, my sister won't like it as I said yesterday. The cover looks cool. But you know the metaphor, don't judge a book by its cover. Anyway, though this book is quiet boring(sorry, Jaclyn Moriarty), it has lots of so-called-moralvalues. Such as, people that looks innocent it not usually innocent, captains can be bad, you can't take people's kindness for granted and etcetera. So yeah, next book is My Lost and Found Life. And again, it looks cool but the inside ... (I can't guarantee).
Anyway, just before my dad and I cleaned my room. And that's why the title of this post is Spray bottles. You might go "What has spray bottles got to do with cleaning?". Then I would answer "Well, lets say Mr Muscle, you buy Mr Muscle as a spray bottle, right? And Mr Muscle cleans right? Well, that's why spray bottles connects to cleaning."
Happy now?
Ahahaa, I am crapping, I know. I better stop, innit?


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