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14 November 2008 | Today?
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Not saddening at ALL.

I am not bothered to write everything i did today.
Nanti lah, when I'm in the mood.

continued on 161108.

Yeahh, haha.
What happened?
I seriously can't remember. =P

I came to school asked everyone to sign the card a bought for Ustazah then Cik Fareetha came and started shouting at us. After that I went up to the surau and asked other people to sign the cards and Haziq, Faris, Putra and Afiq were being such ass-holes. I asked them to sign when we were downstairs but noooo, they didn't want to. Sampai surau, they wanted to sign it, then i had to wait for them to sign while people were coming in. -.-'

Well, all of the Muslims had to go to the surau while the non-Muslims went to the canteen. At the surau, it was freaking boring because we had to watch this thingy on the TV. Then after the bell rang, an ustazah shouted and Ustazah Hanifah kinda jumped then she started laughing. *shrugs* Anyway, after that on the way out of the surau I gave Ustazah her card and said sorry.
Someone: Ustazah tak nangis ke?
Ustazah: Haha, tak, nanti tak nampak macho.
Takleh bla ohh.

Then turun bawah makan, lapar sihh. After that I was looking at the rain and suddenly Jehan pushed me in and i was like "CURSE YOU, JEHAN. CURSE YOU" like an old granny. It was hujan panas because the rain wasn't cold. Hehe. So afterthat they started grabbing and pushing people into the rain. So, Asma being a goody2 two-shoes she is, went away and sat down on a chair. Tee Hee. After that we went to the thingy that place near the tangga guru. And started messing around. And again, Asma being a goody two-shoes she is, tak habis2 suruh semua naik atas. i bet they got really annoyed. So then sampai atas, I went to the surau to check kalau ada orang. Then on the way down cikgu was like "Nak pegi mana?" So i answered "nak ambik bag" and then she went "cepat tau". After that, sampai bawah, dorang dah kene 'tegur' dengan ustaz amin went to get their bags. Then I was walking, Jehan (I think) asked cikgu abu zarin if we can stay and he was like "tak boleh, tak boleh. naik atas cepat" Then I wanted to go to class and get something but he pulled my freaking bag. OMG what the hell is his problem? Yeahh, he's annoying. urghh. So then, I went up and tried to play uno but then cikgu keep coming, so at the end macam give up lahh. And Putra being an ass-hole he is went and said to cikgu that we were playing uno. Curse you mann. (release kan geram) After that we prayed then went home.
See, nothing saddening. But I do think I will be missing Ustazah though she pisses me off.


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