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12 November 2008 | What a long day
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Before, I had trouble logging in and I thought someone hacked my account.
But now I'm in.

What a long day today.

Started with sending and getting my text books.And the SPBT room was like proper crowded. And full with budak2 1J. Gay lahh. After I finally got my text books I went outside and lepak2 a bit with Farah, Aideed, Wak and that other guy (lupe nama) while tying my books together.

Then we had to go to the Canteen and It was proper warm plus boring. The teachers were talking about school rules. Then they 'kenalkan' us with the 2 new teachers. When It was time for Geo, I went legging it with Farah. Actually, we went to send the KH kain then went to pray. When we was upstairs. The curtains to separate the girls and guys part was folded up at the side and the girls' wudhu place was locked. Farah and Me were forced to use the guys' wudhu place and we had to solat in the open. Then the ustazah(s) asked Farah and Me to lipat the telekungs so we did. Then Hana, Q, Syahirah and Nadia came and they helped out aswell. We ended up lepak-ing at the surau 'til rehat. Then I went down to get a drink, I was real thirsty. On the way down, I stopped by at 1B because I wanted Farah to *I-ain't-telling-you*. And Nabil walked past and he was like "suara besar" but soft, so like, i wasn't that angry.

After getting my drink we (Farah, Hana & Q) went to that place near the tangga guru. We didn't actually do anything, just ate. Then we went to the surau and we were the only person there. So apalagi, LOMPAT2 lahh. Haha. We had to help the teachers so we went up and down. Then they gave a pengemuman saying that everyone had to go to the surau. Then mulalah ramai orang datang. In the surau we had to watch the TV then Ustazah Hanifah asked us questions. After that we all went down except Q and Hana because they were asked to wait by Ustaz Amin. I arrived in class searching for Farah but she never appeared so I went out and started doing all kind of stuff. I started to walk everywhere and I passed Ustaz Amin like banyak gila kali but he never said anything. =D

I went to the bilik guru and had to check my markah. Then I went upstairs and asked everyone to check their markah. My marks are kinda bad, I got 5As 1B 1C 1D. But i got number 1 in class. So when I checked my marks outside Faris came and
Me: Faris kau dapat nombor 5, aku bukan nak sakitkan hati kau.
Faris: Okay, tau tau.
I don't want to be so-called-shouted at by him.

Then I went to bilik guru tu hantar the marks and we didn't know who came so main taram je lah. :P And some of the people we said did come, Oooppsss. =P

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