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16 November 2008 | What a tedious day
2 Comments / 8:09 pm

Yeah, today is so so so so so so so boring.
I had spaghetti for lunch though. =D

Okay, lemme start crapping. Today's post will be totally different than the others.
So here I go.

I got to admit, shopping looks fun. I don't know why but I wish that one day I will start to 'like' shopping. I mean as shopping for clothes. I also got to admit that I actually like those clothes my sister buys and I know that if I do buy them, I'm never going to wear them. But like seriously, they are like totally cool. (Oh, shit. Georgina's on.) Anyway, as I said, shopping looks fun, looking at clothes, picking out clothes and getting your parents to pay for your clothes.

I seriously get jealous of my sister, every time we go shopping, she's the one that spends all my dad's money and leave hakim and me with nothing.

Okay2, I'll stop complaining.
When papa reads this I bet he'll be like "Its your fault Kak Aisyah is spending my money, you're the one that don't want any clothes."
And mami will be like "Its your fault, you're the one that never want to shop with me, you're always with papa."
And I bet when papa and mami reads this they'll be like " ", I don't know what they'll be like.

And finally, I've got to admit, I actually like looking at clothes, they are cool and I got to admit, I once wanted to be a clothes designer. But when I thought about it again, I seriously won't be a good one because I can't draw.

*Breathe out*


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