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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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10 November 2008 | Zoo Negara
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A trip to the zoo with KNor and Shad.
It was proper fun.
We arrived and went on the train thingy.
Then station 5 (I think) we went to walk around and Kaisyah met her friends so we went out separate ways.
Kaisyah took me money so I had to borrow KNors'.
Then we had a drink.
I went to the flying foxs' cage and snapped a few.
Then we went to get a drink.
I opened the door and didn't realize that Shad was behind me and poom, the door bashed on her hands and the drink spilt on her clothes. SORRY shad, didn't know you were there.
Then after drinking coke we went to the bee place.
Me and shad nearly puked 'coz it was horrible. The bee hive was horrible.
Then we had some honey.
Then "Oh, honey I shrunk the kids".
Haha, there was this massive fake bee so apa lagi, ambik gambar lahh.
It was real funny. =D
Then we straight went to the animal show. And then i scraped my shoe on something. After the animal show we went around. To the children's world or watever you call it.
Innit, over there there's like this fake donkey with a funny face? Well, kak nor asked me to imitate it so I did. and it looked funny.
KNor: Eh, fuzah, its your friend lah.
Asma: Mane ade, tu Jazly punya cousin.
Shad: Ye lah, tu Jazly punya cousin, dia cakap semalam.
KNor: (Walking to the orang utan)
Asma: Kak nor, Jazly krim slm kt org utn
All3: (laughs our heads off)
Then we went to the entrance.
And went around, laughing and joking.
Then when we arrived at Savanah walk it started to rain.
So we stayed under the shelter.
Then there was this little girl that is proper freaking rude.
All 3 of us was like flipping thinking off slapping the girl.
Tapi kene sabar, and I maafed her when she salamed.
Sakit hati giler, but she's only 6 so i gotta live with it.
Then train tu tak smpai2 so we RAN to stop number 4.
Hehe. Dekat bawah tu, sangat lawak.
Shad and me was like laughing like gile.
Patu KNor buat joke bodoh2.
after like half an hour under there, i really needed a piss so we ran through the ran, stopped at Stop 3 then ran again to the entrance.
WE WERE EFFING SOAKED but we had a laugh.
In the rain, running, Shad sempat buat lawak lagi.
She was like running in lots of different ways. Lawak gila.
Sampai entrance, I bought sweet corn and waffles. Nyumm.
Then kiteorg keluar.
And I was acting all gila.
Kak Nor pun cam "i don't know you"
But laughing at the same time.
And then kiteorg balik dengan kak lang.
Sampai rumah i slept, ngantok sihh.
Then Shad had to go home, when she was gone she sent me and sms writing:
I wish I could turn the clock back. best giler. fuzah, sedihlah, sedih sgt, see you soon, :-(
Emo kan? Huaha

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