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31 December 2008 | 2009 New Year's Resolution
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I guess this will be me second-last post.
This post is mostly for myself, yes myself.

Asma's 2009 New Year's Resolution that probably will never happen:
  1. Don't be rude to my parents?
  2. Get along with my bloody siblings. Pftthh.
  3. Be calm when someone gets on my nerves. I'm panas baran, that's why.
  4. Don't bully Ahmad Muaz Hazim. Another pfthhh.
  5. Straight A1s in all the tests. Eceehh.
  6. Get my ass out of the house and cycle everyday.
  7. Act more mature, like I'm not matured enough?
  8. Stop getting pissed easily.
  9. Get to know my D80 more, which means more reading.
  10. Master web designing. ;)
  11. Get my photographs that I took printed on canvas and stuck to my bedrooms' walls.
  12. Use my OWN web design on my web. =P
  13. Do my chores without being asked to. Pftthhh.
  14. Stop kutuk-ing all my teachers. A big HAHA.
  15. Complete my log books for scout.
And sadly, that's all I can think of. Pa, I need dreamweaver to make my resolutions happen. Haha.

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