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21 December 2008 | 200th POST!!!
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Had a 200th post anniversary with a sleepover.
this post will be updated tomorrow as I am bloody sleepy. HAHA xD.

Hallo motto.
I'm chatting to bloody syafiq and he's being bloody sad. I don't even know who the bloody 'eyl he is but he goes bloody insulting me. Who the bloody 'eyl does he think he is? Bloody kids these days. Ishk3.
I got a new best friend called Ahmad Muaz Hazim, TAKE THAT! *eyes closed, tongue's out*
Anyway, no offence but the sleepover was BLOOOOODY BORING. Seriously. I guess Aisyah H. bloody grew up. All of us (Me, Nina, Munirah and Kak Atin) wants to play stuff like truth and dare and all but Aisyah Haziqah was bloody stuck on her bloody laptop, chatting to bloody Izzudin the whole bloody time. So Nina and I got bloody pissed off. So at the end, we didn't do any prank calls. and sushi didn't work out. It would if bloody Aisyah H. took her eyes off the laptop for atleast one second. IT WOULD. I'm bloody pissed off. Because it didn't work out. Next time, lets make a sleepover while bloody aisyah's in asrama yeahh? (K. Aisyah threatened me to delete it.)
Anyway, after Aisyah have said "kita buat nanti lah" so many bloody times, me and Nina decided to go to my room so we won't have to hear that bloody "kita buat nanti lah".
Nina and I chatted to Ariffin and Izzat and I'll put it up once my computer can 'lari'. Oh and I was telling Ariffin how he's such a bloody stuck up now, but he doesn't bloody care and he said something like people change.
IDK what to say now. Oh yeah, yesterday.
In the morn, my aunt came so we all had to cook and they didn't bloody eat so what a waste, innit? And a bit after that, my other aunt came and we were all upstairs making sushi. So we was like laughing our heads off and all. Then we ran out of Japanese Rice so me and Munirah went downstairs to cook rice. After that we was bored, so we all went to the playground. Then it got to warm so we went back home. Then we finished off out sushi then Munirah and Nina had to go home. Then I went to Carrefour, then when I came back Auntie Ana came. After that I went to sleep. Before, my brother went back to kampung. Now I have a NEW job and that is to help my mum prepare to mandi-kan Muaz and then to clean up after Muaz mandi.


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