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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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30 December 2008 | 301208
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Means 1 more day until bye-bye blogger and hello wordpress. Haha. OMG, time flies proper quick. My allergy naik because it can scent that the school holiday's coming to an end. I want to go to New Zealand with Aida, their holidays end on Feb, wicked innit?! I'm raeding Breaking Dawn for the 3rd time, no 4th. Haha. I have no books to read man, what can I do? I better get my wordpress ready. My tummy's grumbling.

I want to,be happy by spending time with family and friends, do my homeworks, which i usually dont i mean never, get good grades better than asma's ;), to pray 5 waktu.
- Qamaryna
Terharu aku, why not better than N. Farhana, why Asma? Hahaa. :P

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