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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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25 December 2008 | Betrayal
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My nails betrayed me. I got scratched by my own nails. How very sad. Wanted to go to One Utama but thingy, there was a jam. There were like millions of cars trying to get a parking so didn't go. Instead, I'm going tomorrow, Boxing Day, my dad doesn't have to work. So yeay!


Went to One Utama after all, went at 5 somin', can't stand sitting at home with those great cousins of mine. Searched for a watch shop but all of them are like, craps. Actually, they aint, but like, there were Swatch, a shop that only sell Guess and another shop that sells watches that costs more than RM1,000. So like, yeah. Since tomorrow's boxing day in the UK my dad doesn't have to work which means another day out. *grins* Probably going to Mid Valley (watch) and the Digital Mall (motherboard). PROBABLY. Oh and surely will go to Bukit Antarabangsa. Have to kemas-kemas the house before Auntie Marissa move in next week. Which means more footlong sausage thingy, innit pa?

Catherine Tate is my bloody idol, innit. Is ittt? Yes it is. Alrrriiiggghhtt. You're so bloody annoying. Am I bovvered? Face look bovvered? No but... Look at my face, look at my face. *nods* Look at my face. I am looking at your face. Now ask me if I'm bovvered. Ask... Alright I'll.. Ask me if I'm bovvered, ASK ME IF I'M BOVVERED! I wi... Ask me if I'm bovvered. I'll ask you if... Ask me if I'm bovvered. Look, face, bovvered, catherine, sucks, i ain't bovvered, look, face, bovvered? LOOK AT MY FACE! Are you bothered? No, I AIN'T BOVVERED! Okaaayy? But Catherine Tate is kinda still my bloody idol. Are you calling me stupid? No. Are you disrespecting my family? Are you calling my grandpa a wino? I am not disrespecting your family. Are you disrespecting me, though? Are you calling me a pikey? No, I am not. I'm sure your grandpa is a great guy and I am not disrespecting you. *stares* Am I bovvered? NO YOU'RE NOT. Alriiigghhhtt.


Eh-DONE. Alrriiigghhhttt.

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