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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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26 December 2008 | Bloody Embarrasing.
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Went online to search for a watch to buy. Then after my dad came back from praying, went to MidValley. Searched for the watch but they were like RM500 when I saw it online only for RM200. Gay, no? After that, I went to Bukit Antarabangsa, had to clean it up and the bell thingy won't work. How sad.
Went to McD on the way home, rushing to get home before Dr Adam arrives. Came home, cleaned everything, cooked the currypuff then made tea. I brought the mug that I usually give to family and close friends. I brought it to the front, half way, my dad stopped me and guided me to the kitchen saying "Kenapa guna ni?", "Apalahh," Okayyy. I know, you don't know what I'm talking about. My dad got to the kitchen and took the cup from the italian then started saying "You should have used this one," so I went "How should I know? Only family and close friends came to our house," and then he went " I know, I know, you learnt something today," then I went "I know I did, you don't have to rub it in my face -.-'," then he laughed. -.-'

Eh-DONE. Oriiiiigghhhttt

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