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24 December 2008 | Celebrations
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Celebration day, COME ON!
Yesterday my dad brought Celebrations back home from KLIA. =D
2 cases of Celebrations. Thanks, Pa!

Before, K. Aisyah shampoo-ed my hair with dish washing liquid, so I washed her clothes and pillow with Palmolive. Atleast, it smells nice.

Since my computer's motherboard needs changing, I now hog my dad's Lenovo S10. And because this Lenovo is a netbook, I spend my day downstairs looking after Muaz. Which I actually don't have to because Mami is usually taking care of him. I have seen a change in myself and that is, I don't use the computer//netbook twentyfour-seven anymore. Today and yesterday, no one came except Acik Kamar, yesterday. So it was kind of peaceful in this house. But my mum said that tomorrow, maybe, lots of people will come, so here comes the nightmare. I should be grateful and thankful that people are coming because they're coming to give Ahmad Muaz Hazim their blessings but I'm kinda not because it also means I have to cook, clean and all those stuff. If you come, Aisyah will cook you currypuff as we have around 100 currypuff locked in our freezer right now. Those currypuff are nice I tell you, I'm addicted to them, like how I'm addicted to Nasi Briyani. *wink*


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