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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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31 December 2008 | Goodbye
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Goodbye Lenovo S10, it kills me to see you leave. Yes, I have to return this net book to my dad as my computer's fixed. I guess I'll have to get used on typing on the keyboard again. *cries*
Goodbye Absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com, it have been great working with you but now I have to leave. This may be my second-last time using you. *cries*
Goodbye 2008, I've been through lots this year, MOST OF THEM KILLS but lots of memories been created this year. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS.
- D80, its great. But I still miss my 20D. =)
- SMK Sect 5, a great school. =)
- 1 Gigih, a great class but I'm kinda dissapointed. *shrugs*
- My leaving party, it was great. thanks. =)
- SMK BRP, friends are great but the school is a *geleng2*. =(
- 1 Bestari, I still don't understand this class. =
- Qamaryna, made me remember Lola. thanks? =)
- Kawad kaki, I proper hate that guy. =(
- 1B's party sucks like hell. =(
- Genting with my cousins. GREAT. =D
- Hakim at kampung. GREATEST. =P
- Ahmad Muaz Hazim. No words to describe. =D
- Sleepover, could have gone better but it was great joining back together again. =D
- End of 2008. =D =) = =( ='( ?

No, this isn't my last post. I will officially put a THE END to this blog, tomorrow.

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