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31 December 2008 | Happy New Year
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Happy New Year! Everyone's going WHOOO!

Okay, Good bye absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com, hope to see you soon. *cries* If I pass you, I'll sure tegur you, don't worry, I won't forget you. OMG, I'm going to miss you. I must be strong, you're all grown up now, you have to lead your own life. OMG, *cries*. I better leave before my whole house floods. Bye, I hope you enjoy the rest of your life. You won't be lonely, soon, I'll give you a partner to live with. But it's not like you, it's a male. I hope you can wait for another year and I'll give you a partner, I swear. You are and always is my favourite blog. Goodbye now, good luck living without me. Belajar rajin2, kerja kuat2, nanti boleh beli F430 macam Lola punya. Byee, *cries*.

And hello, http://iztele.webs.com/, I hope we can work together well. Though I'm going to miss absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com, I will try my hardest to treat you aswell as I treat her. I hope you won't give me any trouble and be a good blog like how absoluteloud-ness.blogspot.com has been. I think I better stop comparing. Anyway, I hope you don't mind to every change I made on you, I really hope you don't mind. So, *shakes hands* sila beri tunjuk ajar. Oh and last but not least, if you want to tag my new blog please tag it as http://iztele.webs.com/apps/blog/ as I won't be using the homepage and this has also been stated on iztele.webs.com.

Happy New Year!
Goodbye 2008. Goodbye absoluteloudness.blogspot.com.
Hello 2009. Hello iztele.webs.com.

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