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Asma Hamid's blog for 2008.
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19 December 2008 | Hello, little kid.
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Welcome home, Ameer, I mean Muaz! *pissed off face*.
Pa, the pissed off face is because his name ain't gonna be Ameer. Thats why.
Yeah, my mum and Muaz is back home and they're making a little camp downstairs in front of the TV with KAisyah's bed.
Just then, KAisyah transformed Mami's room. Haha. And that's because she will be staying there until Mami feels better. =D
Bigger space for the sleepover with Nina and Munirah. SUSHII! gahh, seriously can't wait.


One thing, if mami and papa wants me to help with mandy-ing the baby, I ain't doing it. I'll only help him wear his clothes AFTER the pampers been put on. I am not going to look at any parts of his body that is suppose to be CENSORED. Haha!

Congrats to Asma.
For the baby brother yesterday.
- Nurul Farhana
Thank you?


Oh, oh. Muaz cries and the whole house will gegar, even I woke up when he cried and he was downstairs and my door was closed. *exxagerating* Andand, when I complained about it, my dad was like ''Jangan cakap banyak, dulu2 kamu pun sama." :P
Hahaaa. Panas gile bilik akuu. Is usually cold, from the aircond in the morning because I close my door so all the cold air stays inside but today it went from close to open.

Muaz is sooooo cute and chubby macam kakak abang dia.

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