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14 December 2008 | Hiya mate,
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Today I went to Bukit Antarabangsa to check on my house. It doesn't look done. -.-'
Then I went to Wangsa Maju to go to Mak Zam's house. I HELPED Kak Lang cook and all. *WOW*
Then went to Giant for KAisyah's school uniform, then came back home and slept.

And Nina and Munirah are coming to my house next week. Something to look forward to, innit. I'm not in the mood for blogging, as you can tell.


I laughed while reading this article about the Twilight series.

To put it simply, dear reader, I was horrified. Not just by the sickeningly purple prose or the lack of general writing quality, but the books themselves are insulting on every level-as a woman, as a teenager, as a literature student, and as a graduate of the Harry Potter craze. What’s worse is that so few seem to realize it... [more]

Keep your opinions to yourself like what I'm doing now.


Kellan Rice really cracks me up. I wonder why I'm putting this all up, he posted his acrticles like ages ago and now, after a few months, I want to bring it back up. I guess I just like to show that I can be sarcastic like him aswell. But I weren't being sarcastic when I said that I laughed while reading his articles. It's really funny, I got to admit. I think he should publish a book titled 'Sarcasm' and see if he could sell more than 1.3 million books in a single day.

How to Write a Bestseller Just Like Twilight:

1. Abuse the thesaurus (correct word usage optional; purple prose is a must). If you want to ‘spice up’ your writing so that it sounds just like Meyer’s... [more]


And Kellan Rice made Asma Hamid laugh her head off, again. STRIKE! Okay, that sounded gay. Kellan Rice has an attitude and that attitude of hers goes inside her articles. All, wait, nearly all her articles makes me laugh my head off. But it didn't come off. Here's one.

Artists’ work gets leaked all the time. But why is Stephenie Meyer’s case so terrible that she has decided to cease writing the Midnight Sun altogether? Frankly, it’s bewildering and Meyer’s behavior seems to be much more similar to that of a spoilt child than of a professional author... [more]

It really seems like I'm trying to piss this woman off, but to let you know the truth, I'm not. I mean like, people has their opinions and all but sometimes they way she 'voice out' her opinions are kinda harsh. Wait, I wasn't going to talk about that. I wanted to talk about her attitude that she puts in her articles. I wanted to talk about how much I like her articles. Yes, I like her articles. I like the attitude she puts in those articles. But bare in mind, I didn't say I agreed with her opinions. I do respect her opinions and all but yeah...

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