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10 December 2008 | I can't think of a title
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Today's post will be updated as the time past. Meaning, I'll type more stuff in, not like you guys care innit. -.-' I guess I'm talking to myself again.

I just finished sweeping and mopping the floor and I AM EXHAUSTED. Started at 8 I think and right until just then. SOOOOOOOO TIRED. I needa shower. Needa freshen myself up.

I just finished showering now I want to put my movie on play after leaving it on pause for a whole night. =D

I just made cupcakes cup-bread, so basically, I just made breads in cups. That sounds a little stupid. Oh, sack it. Anyway, It doesn't taste like cupcakes. Mami, buy more of Auntie Faridah's cupcakes, please. =D Anyway, I'm hungry but my food haven't finished baking yet. It's potato cake or somin like that. After I pray, I'm going to continue my reading. I'm on Book 3, 28;The future in Breaking Dawn.

Calm down. Calm down.
I guess, the only way to calm me down is to read something. :)
Breaking Dawn - 29; Defection

Breaking Dawn - Chapter 30; Irresistible
I'm getting scared. Asma, you scary cat!

Breaking Dawn - Chapter 32; Company
I actually know what will happen, read it on Wikipedia. I actually knew since way before I read Eclispe. I read it like when i read 2nd Chapter on New Moon, I think.

I just made myself maggie not like any of you would care. Hahaa.
Chapter 33;Forgery. Call me a slow reader, I admit. But I only read it 'slow' because I want that picture in my head. Sometimes, I even read it twice, if yano what I mean.

I just had my dinner and now I'm gonna carry on reading Breaking Dawn Chapter 36:Bloodlust.

I posted this because I came to a part in Breaking Dawn that I find kinda funny. It cracked me up basically.
“You breed mutants here,” Caius spit back at him.
Thought it's kinda mean, it's still funny innit?

I love this bit, Garrett remained poised for attack.
“Revolutionary?” he growled. “Who am I
revolting against, might I ask? Are you my king? Do you wish me to call you
master, too, like your sycophantic guard?”

What's with the Romanians? Haiyoo. They won and they're still dissapointed.
“Of all the rotten luck,” Stefan muttered.
What the hell does this mean?
...made the Volturi run away with their tails between their legs.
I'm real proud of myself. =D
But I cheated, I didn't read Twilight. Haha. Oh well, I'll read it later. Now I want to read Midnight Sun. Well part of it. I hope Stephenie Meyer will publish it, who would innit?
Okayy, I feel like the twilight saga still have not stopped, if yano what I mean. I'M ADDICTED. Yes, ADDICTED. *slaps myself*

Oh yeah, and, I finished Breaking Dawn before my sister and she read it well before me. *Sticks my tongue out.* :P

I am probably done with today's post.

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