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15 December 2008 | < b l a n k >
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I went to school before, to buy all the books for next year. I also went to The Store to buy the groceries. I then went to the kitchen, to cook.
The food I cook ended up 'tawar'. Oh well. :P
I want to make yorkshire puddings! Haven't had 'em for ages. The last time I ate them was like at Cheetwood Primary's Christmas 'lunch' 2006. Yeah, I know. 2 years mann. I searched for yorkies at Tesco, but there ain't any. How sad, I know.
And foh dinnah ma mova said we'll be 'aving jacket po'a'o.
Heee. =D

It's a snowy day today, we're having lots of fun... - snowy day today by Naimi, Aisyah and Asma.
Haha, i forgotten the lyrics already. Have it in one of the books but yeah, probably lost it.

My sister has an RAE test the day after tomorrow. Aisyah and 2 other will be the first fourteen years old that'll take the RAE test. Yeah, I'm kinda jealous, me and nurul (kot) wants to be the first fourteen years old to pass the test.

Will you believe me if I said I can live without friends? No, I don't think so, I don't even believe it myself, so why would yoi? I do not know what I am crapping about right now but I don't think you care. When will Nurul Farhana go online? I mean, she's USUALLY online 24/7 but where is she now?

Have you realized that I played around with this layout? Do you want to know why? Well, it's because those pictures on the right before was so annoying. Well, kinda annoying.

Okay, I like Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, their uniform are PROPER COOL! They wear graduation gowns (wait, robes) as a school uniform. I wish our school's like that. But the robes are like proper thin so like, we won't feel proper warm. And I like them because under the robes, we'll have to wear other clothes so yeah, its like mint. Wear our own clothes, innit, uniquely the same, if yano what i mean. And, and, you can choose your own extra colour. I mean, extra colour as in, yano, those extra colours that they have at the hood and yano, that thing that goes around your neck, like those ties thingy. andand, the teachers have to wear 'em aswell! teachers wear gold robes . normal students wear white robes. prefects wear light blue robes. xD haha. and they can choose the extra colours. =D andand, normal students get lots of advantages, because white will match any colour. Ohh, I'm going over the top now. I should stop with my crapping, but i really think it'll be cool if yano, we can wear 'em to school. If we have to wear the robes as our school uniform, i'll be really really ... (can't find a word). OH I JUST WISH THAT WILL HAPPEN. Oh, and, the whole school is in one building with airconds in. so like the robes wouldn't make us feel warm. *slaps myself* snap out of it.

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